Friday, July 29, 2011

Shooting on the Streets, by the book.

When shooting in public areas and on city streets for commercial production the question of permits and insurance need to be addressed.

I recently shot on the streets of Montreal for a fashion client and thought I’d put out some helpful info which was given to me by a friend and producer Jubs. Thx Jubs!!

This post relates to small stills production where no roads were closed or other hindrances incurred due to the production.

Essentially if you are taking your production to the street you need to make contact with Valerie at Montreal Film & TV Commission, or like organization depending on your city.

In Montreal you can obtain a Fast-Track Filming Permit, which allows you to shoot on sidewalks, street alleys, parks and public places. There is no fee for the permit but processing is a minimum of 48hr turn around.

What you will need is to make sure you have proof of Civil Liability Insurance naming

City of Montreal as an additional insured for a minimum of 1Million. This can be added to you Commercial General Liability Insurance contract for a nominal fee.

I hope this info proves useful...

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