Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roll with the Punches

I recently read a blog post titled ‘Why I respect professional photographers’ and it pushed me to put this out there.

As a photographer one is always shooting and improving ones portfolio. This is a very good practice to exercise. Being creative and having lots of ideas is great but little will come from it if you don’t put those ideas and creative concepts into action.

Being spring here Montreal, I have been planning a few creative shoots to exercise those creative muscles. When it comes to fashion creative’s it’s not a question of: ‘ I’ve got a great idea, lets shoot it’

With fashion there is a whole team of people to coordinate with and accommodate. Finding a good stylist is often one of the biggest challenge, due to the heavy workload that goes into a successful fashion shoot. Made all the more elusive when there is no budget or big client paying the bill. Creative’s are collaborating with like-minded people to achieve a common goal. I.e.: strong fresh images for your book.

I am currently working on a very cool concept; I had the production almost all set. A lot of planning goes into a successful shoot. I started scouting locations about 2 months ago. Found an amazing location. We have a great team, set-up creative meeting to let everyone involved discuss the direction and focus of the shoot. Cast models, models are available, hair & make-up is set. Hair and make-up got booked for a half-day paid gig on the date of our shoot, it’s a hic-up, let shuffle the shoot so we use more the afternoon light, that way hair & make-up will be able to work with us, because she’s good! Almost there.

48 hours before the shoot, the location, which is very unique and a very intricate part of the shoot, calls and informs me that we can’t shoot on the scheduled day, as something has come-up. I’m pretty sure the long weekend had something to do with it.

Unfortunately we can’t control what happens to us, however we can control how we deal with what happens to us.

Needless to say after some frantic phone calls and reorganization we have bumped our creative shoot to a new date. Here’s hoping that soon I’ll be able to post the fruits of our labor.

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