Monday, December 7, 2009

Portable Energy

About a month ago we were shooting on location in Santa Barbara, unfortunately there had been no swell at all. After a shoot day we rolled down to Rincon Point in hopes of seeing more than ripples. Alas the ocean was a dead calm. With no waves to surf we decided to explore and drove up into the hills and found the busiest Mexican restaurant in Ojai. Being Taco Tuesday and 2 4 1 cocktails we where really starting to like this little town. There is a definite sublime energy in Ojai, which brings me to my point. We met some very cool & interesting peeps it turns out that one of the guys with whom we shared our table is the VP of LibertyPak, the 'portable electric power' guys. DC sent me a link today which I wanted to share. Anyone who shoots on location a lot will find this company pretty interesting. Whether you're running studio flash or HMI's this is a very useful tool.

LibertyPak website :

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