Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fashion Creative

I'm currently working on a few projects, this is the result of one I shot on Saturday.
I like to shoot fashion creatives, to challenge myself and try different techniques, lighting and equipment. There is no client so you can be free to explore, experiment and just have fun!
I shot half day in my new studio and then headed out on location in St Henri, Montreal.
The concept was to play with the idea of the 'Androgynous Woman'.
a psychological connotation; a combination of both masculine and feminine traits; a kind of unified gender that defies social roles and psychological attributes

On this occasion I had the opportunity to collaborate with :
Myrtho Clemont - Stylist
Lilly Smith - Hair & Make-up
Naomi - Montage Models
Christopher Morrison - Assistant

Great working with you! Thx for the collaboration.

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